Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Loveletter to Testteam

Today I had a really nice mail in my Inbox (as CC) which I have to show you.


Hereby I proudly present another solution to a problem, which most probably just I have ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Timemanagement made easy

Due to my duty to exactly track every work item I solve (or at least work on ;) ), I've created a tool, which helps me a little bit with this.

The TAMAssistant is in fact a quite complicated Tool to configure, but if this is done, it's really a big (small) helper for writing files (XML or encrypted XML, but extensible with Plugins) which contains your efforts (I leave it to you, what you're going to do with this files ;) )

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Worst usage of virtual Members ever

Disclaimer: This code has nothing to do with my current projects and was refactored immediately!Imagine you find a base-Class somewhere in your code which has about 4000 lines of code: first you'll sit down, drink a coffee and than try to find out what went wrong here ;)

Simple .NET Plugin Architecture

Imagine you have created a tool which writes some stuff into files (no need to know here what it actually does ;) ) and suddenly somebody has the need for another structure in this file.

What do you do?

Using a SingleInstance-Application with C# and ClickOnce

As we all know, since VS2008 SP1 there is a very nice way to register File-Extensions to your ClickOnce-Application. In former Versions you had to change the ApplicationManifest and rebuild the Package: now its just a Entry in the DeploymentProperties of the Application.

Using Drag & Drop with C# and Outlook Attachments

Due to a FeatureRequest I wanted to extend some of my Applications with the Ability to interact with Outlook via Drag & Drop.

Whoever already used Drag & Drop in a .NET Application will think this is way to easy to mention somewhere: but you didn't think about MSOffice yet ;)