Sunday, November 2, 2008

Is Windows Server 2008 the better Vista?

Disclaimer: All my conclusions in this topic are based on subjective Impressions and may differ from Microsoft's point of view :)

Since a few days, I've started the experiment to run Server08 on my private machine and see, if this would work for me. I'm really surprised to tell you, that it seems, that the ServerOperatingSystem from Microsoft is way more stable than its "Lookalike" for the HomeUsers.

There are a lot of Websites/Blogs referring to this topic (and I've got my informations how to enable/disable some Features from the Server there). The best, almost complete, HowTo can be found at Win2008Workstation which gives a detailed StepByStep Walkthrough to let the Server08 behave like Vista (but without the crashes ;) ) and you can decide what to enable/disable.

I was really surprised, how the Server08 is actually not behaving like a server, when it comes to features like Gaming, DirectX10 and drivers. It was actually no Problem to get the stuff running: everything on my Machine works perferctly with Server08 (even Hardware like Webcams etc.).

But there are some disadvantages if you use the server as a workstation: you won't find a proper (cheap) virus protection: the normal, mainly freeware, products I used to have won't let you run their setup on the server. Another thing which was quite unexpected was, that there is no native support of bluetooth on the server (of course not, you may think: but there are more strange things running natively like DirectX10).

From the software point of view, there were (till now) no exceptions: everything I wanted to have runs perfectly on the server.

So if you are frustrated with Vista like me and have a (of course legal) Server08 copy lying around: try it out: it won't disappoint you ;) .

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