Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snowboarding Trip

Finally I had time to go snowboarding: It was some time ago, since I made my last attempts to hit the slope. Actually I needed some time to find my snowboard and remove the spiderwebs from it ;).

I went with some friends to the "SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental" and although it seemed we had some bad luck with the weather, we were really surprised by the sun on the mountaintops.

Salve Salve
Foggy Wilder Kaiser

Some Impressions

Another nice "feature" was the possibility to analyze your trip afterwards, if you keep you skiing-pass. On the website you are able to get nice statistics from your day on the mountain.


My Statistics

After all it was a really nice day, great weather and no accidents :)


  1. Und wie ist der Muskelkater ausgefallen ;-)

  2. Gar nicht schlimm: war am nächsten Tag alles vorbei ;)

  3. war echt super ... nächstes äääh dieses jahr wieder ;)

  4. That statistics thing looks pretty cool. How does it work? Awesome pictures of the place by the way, the snow looks pretty good enough to snowboard on.