Monday, July 13, 2009

How to make yourself a SDHC-Cardreader

A few weeks ago i bought myself a new camera and didn't save on the available storage (16GB SDHC-Card). The problem was just how to get the Data from the Card to the PC.

Of course there would be the possibility to use the included cable and attach the cam directly to the PC, but i don't like this solution because i don't want to have the cam attached via cable (just think about how often you fall over them etc...).

So i searched my flat for Card readers. Unfortunately i just found one from the stone ages of Card readers: a CardReaderWriter 19in1 from Hama.

I thought i might have a change to update the Firmware to make this thing read SDHC-Cards: but unfortunately this didn't work. I almost gave up and wanted to throw this thing away but before that, i wanted to destroy it at least :)

So I just downloaded the Firmware from a Hama-Device (CardReaderWriter 1000in1) which could read SDHC-Cards and flushed the Firmware on my old Device and i was quite disappointed that it didn't destroy the device but made it capable of reading my SDHC-Cards ;)

So I have upgraded my old CardReader to read SDHC-Cards just by updating to an "incompatible" Firmware. Maybe you could give this a try to some other brands and models as well and give them new live.

Of course I can't give any guarantee that this will work for everybody and if its not working: don't try to blame me! But before you throw your reader away, you can give it a try.

Have fun flushing :)

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