Saturday, November 20, 2010

Canon EOS 550D: First Impressions

Some Pics from the first day out with the Canon 550D incl. a 18-55m and a 55-250mm standard lens kit. Mainly just playing around with the manual settings and not using the RAW-Format yet.

My first Impressions: Although it was a very cloudy day in Vienna, the pictures are very nice. I'm especially impressed by the indoor-pics from the Stephansdom and Peterskirche which are shot without flash and ISO below 1600. The image stabilizer also works very nice on a short range: with 18mm you are able to shoot sharp pictures with a shutterspeed of 1/2 sec, using 250mm you better use a tripod or a faster shutter speed.

Especially when playing around with the full manual option, it took me about 10 shots to get a picture which was ok. So I have to learn a lot: but I'm willing to do so ;)

If the gallery doesn't work (this means you're most probably a IE user... ;) ), you can see the pics on Fluidr or on Flickr


  1. Nice shots and cool camera! Today I've tried Nikon D300S, looking forward a convenient opportunity to finaly get it :)

  2. The picture quality is amazing. I am especially surprised at the inside pics, because they have no noise at all!

    Only one thing I would like to know. In the picture "Timeless" there is a motion blur of the person walking by. Is this desired or did you just fuckup the exposure time?

  3. Desired, very desired: I even had to wait a while till somebody passed by...