Monday, November 8, 2010

Synology NAS: Update DSM 3.0

Since about 2 years I have a Synology NAS (108j) at home and I'm really happy with it. Its a great way of saving my data and also for the main reason I bought it, as a Media-Server, it works perfectly!

A few weeks back, there was a new version of the firmware and after some time, I finally decided to update it. It took me some time to reconfigure my custom stuff (like web server, svn, mercurial, etc) but it was definitely worth it!

There is also one new feature I have to point out in the new version: its the blocking feature for unsuccessful attempts to log on to the NAS.

I activated it just for fun because I actually never thought, there were so many people (or bots) trying to access my NAS: but I was wrong!

Only after a few weeks leaving this feature do its work, I got already 45 IP-Addresses on the Blacklist. After a whois-research I found out, that those addresses are from around the world: so its not a special country you have to take care about: there (wannabe)hackers everywhere!

So if you also have a Synology NAS, I really recommend you to enable this feature: maybe you're not such a "target" as I am, but it's wise to do so anyways.

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